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The Northern Territories longest running Escort Agency.
We provide exquisite female companions who will stop at nothing to top up
your day or night with sugar 'n spice and all things nice.
Whatever the occassion, being a business function, a dinner date or you
simply want to be personally indulged in the company of a beautiful charming
We are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week so there is no excuse for you
not to call and speak to one of our friendly receptionists.
Our gorgeous ladies are waiting now to visit you or perhaps you would like
to visit with them in one of our private motel rooms.

Sabrina x x x

CALL US NOW - Ph 8981 5252

Usually used as foreplay
Massage You:
The lady rubs and massages you for relaxation and/or masturbating you to climax.
Massage Her:
You massage her for relaxation and/or masturbating her to climax
Breast Massage: You kiss, rub and massage her breasts
Lingerie Show:
She models sexy underwear, such as nighties, garter belts with stockings etc.
Bubble Bath:
She prepares a hot bubble bath for you and you bathe together if desired.
Hot French Oil Massage: The lady warms massaging oil and massages you.

Main activity generally leading to your climax
Body To Body Slide:
Where she massages your body with her breasts.
Strip Tease:
The lady dances while removing her lingerie
Vibrator Show:
The lady demonstrates her vibrator on both herself and you if desired
Oral Sex of you and/or her
French 69:
Oral Sex simultaneously
Erotic Movies:
Watching triple X movies together while masturbating

A primary activity generally leading to your climax
Straight Lay:
Conventional missionary intercourse
Half and Half:
A lady performs oral sex, bring the man to erection, but not climaxing and then conventional missionary intercourse with man climaxing
Reversed Half and Half:
Beginning with conventional intercourse, climaxing with oral sex.
Two Girl Show:
Two ladies perform with each other while you watch
Two Girl Party:
Two ladies attending to the man
Vibrator Party:
Let me titillate you or you can do me
Fantasy Session:
Basically you can get what you want. Greek, Golden showers, Cross Dressing etc.

More Fun!
Icy French:
The lady wets her mouth with a cold or icy liquid and then performs oral sex to you
Show Party:
Before or after the visit, the couple take a shower together
A cocktail or two, then to my boudoir, soft music, let me tease and please you
Body French:
The lady kisses, licks, caresses the man with her tongue, about his neck, shoulders, nipples and stomach
The man is submissive while a dominating woman has sex with him while he is passively restrained.

The man is submissive to a dominating woman
Hot and Cold French:
The lady performs oral sex holding liquids of different temperature in her mouth to give different sensations

One of our beautiful ladies entertains a couple together
One of our ladies will accompany you to dinner or dancing or even a business function
Cross Dressing:
You dress up in woman's clothing, the lady will help you or just be a girlfriend.
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