Why people crave intimacy in today’s technological age:

The adult industry along the Gold Coast is absolutely booming and with changes in escort laws there are more and more clients and escorts available in this area. Part of the reason cited for this increase in the industry and the plethora of work available for Gold Coast escorts is a new need for intimacy. Today’s technological age actually connects us far better than we could have ever imagined. The big problem with this connection however is that many people are now quickly craving base intimacy needs because we often depend on technology to express affection, warmth and intimacy.
Escorts along the Gold Coast can offer a wide range of different services to their customers and in many cases the top reasons are for stress reduction and the need to feel intimacy. While more and more outlets are being created online for people to connect with one another and express intimate and sexual desires nothing can compare to real physical touch and although there are many technological resources for us to connect clients and escorts throughout the Gold Coast are connecting in a more base and satisfying way.
Today’s technological age has not only robbed us of a lot of the intimacy that we are used to experiencing but it has helped us to have a conduit for connecting with the physical services we sometimes need the most. It’s become much easier for Gold Coast escorts to advertise their services as well as connect with their clients. While traditional forms of advertising like print media, flyers and physical escort agencies are very effective at establishing new clients, the Internet is definitely one of the biggest providers of new connections in the escort industry. It’s become easy for anyone interested in escorting to make an online profile and start working.
While it is difficult to understand why people crave intimacy with today’s technology, true physical intimacy is a need that we all have and I need that can be filled and satisfied by dedicated escorts throughout Australia. As much as this profession is often looked down upon it helps to serve some of our most basic human needs and that is admirable in itself.

Do you have enough staff at your escort agency?

One of the biggest questions in the escort industry if you are running an agency near Sydney is the question of staff. Escorts in Sydney are plentiful but only a select few decide to work out of an escort agency or service. While any escort agency should be continuing to higher constantly because of the turnaround times in the industry, keeping enough staff in your escort agency to serve your clients is very important. Here are some top tips in maintaining enough staff for your agency to be successful.
• Consider the size of your agency space: whether you work online or out of a storefront it’s very important to consider the size of your agency and what you and your managers can actually handle for staff. Think about the amount of time and management that goes into every staff member and then consider the maximum possible number of escorts that you could provide quality management to. Try to strive to keep your staff near this top level once you have determined it.
• Ask customers: another excellent strategy for making sure that your agency doesn’t require new staff is to ask customers about their experience. Many customers crave variety and if you have just a few escorts available out of your agency there’s a good chance they’re going to go somewhere else.
• Have a plan for expansion: If you ended up needing more staff to maintain your business it’s important that you have a plan for expansion. Consider the current real estate market in case you need to move locations, consider some of your staff members that are currently working and if you could move them up into a management position, think about what would happen if one of your most successful escorts left your agency. Having a backup plan for any of these eventualities can help to make sure you have enough staff and a plan for the future.

How to create a successful storefront for your escort agency:

If you are planning on opening an escort agency in NSW is very important that you create the right atmosphere and the right storefront to maximise your business potential. The problem with many escort agencies in NSW and across Australia is that they are immediately labeled as a sketchy environment, with the right décor and design however you can create a comfortable place that accepts customers with open arms. Here are some top tips on creating a more successful storefront for your escort agency.
• Fresh paint: old rundown buildings are never something that welcomes a patron into a business. Be sure to put a fresh coat of paint over your business and in every room shortly after opening. A fresh and uniform color across your business can give it a particular feel so be sure to pick a color that really sells your business and puts customers at ease.
• Consider branding: a professional storefront sign with a real logo and branding can make a big impact on new customers. With the right sign and branding it’s possible to generate interest from walk-ins as well as instill trust from your customers with a legitimate brand.
• Make it like home: an escort agency really does need to feel like a home. In order to make your customers feel comfortable be sure to pick nice furniture, decor touches and maybe even some nice art to hang around. A sparse waiting room might make the place feel like a doctor’s office, aging decor might also make the place seem less impressive. Update your decor to increase sales as well as help your staff feel more comfortable in their workplace.
• Make the most of your floor space: if you are renting or you purchased an office space tried to conceptualize the layout of your agency to maximize floor space. With more space you could potentially have more employees, more room for customers to wait and a more successful business.
Use these tips and more to create a successful storefront for your escort agency in NSW.

Should you ever use social media to contact customers?

Many escorts in the Brisbane escort industry find themselves looking for new ways to advertise. While forum posts and backpage advertising can be extremely useful for marketing your services there are a number of models and escorts now turning to social media. While social media might seem like a no-brainer for connecting with client it does have a few disadvantages.
• You’re not completely anonymous: Connecting with clients over social media can make it difficult to be anonymous. Once you start to use your personal Facebook or twitter account there’s a good chance that you have connected these accounts to your own personal e-mail. If a client were somewhat of a stalker type they could easily find out your e-mail or go through your friends list to find out more about you and your own personal life. By using social media you are taking a risk in giving up some of your anonymous online persona.
• It’s difficult to get your own time away: You may find this difficult to avoid phone conversations and contact with clients as is, but by adding an extra element of communication it can be even more difficult to have free time. Constant access to messenger or dms on twitter and Instagram to make your job more exhausting.
• It’s against some terms of service: Posting lewd pictures or advertising your services through social media can be against some of the terms of service for many social media websites. Be sure to read through the terms of service or your carefully built profile and massive amount of followers could be banned very quickly.
• It can attract police attention: Even though the escort industry is legal in Brisbane it’s important to note that the police still heavily monitor escorts to make sure that they aren’t breaking the law. Social media is a perfect target for police officers to consistently check up on you.
Consider these reasons if you are planning on using social media to contact customers in the escort industry.

Should you consider charitable donations with the money you earn?

There is always going to be a bit of an issue associated with the money that you earn as an escort in Sydney. While it is important to note that this portion of the adult industry is heavily regulated and kept extremely legal through full taxation and law, many charities do not want to be associated with this type of funding in any way. But why should those in the adult industry be exempt from giving away their money to charity?
Giving charitable donations is something that anyone should be able to participate in if they are passionate about the cause. While large companies are quick to give away to charities in order to increase their reputation and stake it is important to note that there are many industries which spend time polluting the environment, causing people sickness and more and their donations are accepted with open arms. While not every charity may be willing to accept your money don’t be afraid to disclose what you do and to be financially responsible with your donations. Here are a few quick guidelines on giving to charity from the adult industry.
• Make sure you can afford to donate: Give an amount that you are comfortable giving away and make sure that you can stay profitable to make up the donation.
• Understand your reasons: there are many that simply give away to charity for a tax credit or to help offset some of the negative reputation that they have incurred. Be passionate about a cause and support it, don’t give away money for the wrong reasons.
• Understand that some may not accept your donations: always be upfront with the charity as there will always be controversy from a charity accepting funds from an adult industry source. Be upfront and find a charity that’s willing to let you support them with money you earned from escorting.
• Understand how your money will be spent: Charities will let you know exactly what they plan on doing with your money so don’t be afraid to shop around and find a charity that’s going to make the most with your donation.
• Consider long-term donations: With long-term donations you can continue to make sure that your charity can proceed.
• Don’t forget about those closest to you: Sometimes you can make a big impact in the lives of those closest to you first before donating to a cause.

How can you maintain your personal sex/dating life?

As an escort in Australia it can be extremely difficult to maintain regular relationships especially romantic ones. While you may soon find that there is definitely some added profits in treating your clients like they have been long-standing partners, ultimately this can really start to affect some of the closest romantic relationships in your life. Your job can really affect your job and it’s tough to find a separation between work and your own personal life.
This really isn’t an issue that’s addressed commonly in the industry but it is important to note that working as an escort does have some advantages to sex and maintaining relationships.
The nice part about the personal sex life of an escort is that it’s extremely comfortable. While there is a lot of pressure and stigma attached to sex for other people, many escorts are extremely comfortable, extremely safe and confident with partners. This confidence and education can improve the way that a couple treats their romantic time together. It encourages communication and an unfound openness.
It can however also lead to some ups and downs. It’s important to note that people in the adult industry can most definitely face a lot of the same medical and psychological issues that plague us in all relationships. It can be tough to establish that separation between the act you put on with clients and the genuine feelings you have for another person. There is bound to be a bit of fear, shame and guilt associated with getting to know someone as well as some preconceived biases about trauma with sexual relationships from past difficult experiences. Although it can be difficult to share these past issues with partners and to have the energy to go home and express your love physically, with the right communication and perseverance it possible to have very healthy and meaningful romantic relationships even if you work in the adult industry.

Is erotic jewellery in demand?

More and more models and escorts are pursuing body modifications. While there was a fair amount of stigma attached to body modifications especially comes to fashion jewellery in erotica, it’s becoming more popular and more desired in the industry. As much as many gold coast escorts may be unwilling to give in to the idea of potentially enjoying body modifications in their line of work, their clients and other women may be following this trend regularly.
According to current Google results the keyword search volume for erotic jewellery is increasing up thousands of searches and progressing each month. Since the #freethenipple campaign more and more people are interested in erotic jewellery, nipple piercings, clitoral piercings and more. Many are drawing inspiration from social media and pop culture and looking for fresh and new ways that they can set themselves apart.
Erotic Jewellery could be a good way to appeal to a clients sensibilities as well as potentially keep up with the times. As more and more people pursue erotic jewellery in the adult industry there’s a good chance that this could soon become a big trend.
While many gold coast escorts may be unwilling to try this as it may mean a few days of downtime for healing, the in demand results that they could receive may greatly outweigh the risks and the lost time associated with the piercing process.
For escorts they also represent other potential to accessorise and look different for clients. Swapping out a piercing based off of a client could generate a whole new interest or fetish! These added touches are bound to help out when it comes to profits as well.

Online reviews can drastically affect your business reputation.

As many models are beginning to discover in the Australian escort business, online reviews can actually really start to affect your reputation over time. With a number of online review sites designed for NSW escorts, gold coast escorts and more receiving a number of online reviews can actually start to hamper your business after even just one negative response.
An expert industry of Sydney reported an issue with transportation and being late for a client on an outcall which reflected poorly across her profile on an online backpage. Just this one late arrival led to a 10% drop in business over the next month until the review was replaced with substantially more positive responses. Because the negative review persisted in this online back page it ended up costing a significant portion of revenue to the escort. These online reviews really do matter to escorts and maintaining these online reviews should be a big concern for anyone in the adult industry.
If just a single bad review leads to 10% drops in business, several bad reviews on a backpage could potentially cost you very dearly. As a result reputation management is definitely a concern in the escort industry. Many models and escorts regularly check their reputation online by going through backpage results. Clarifying responses with counter responses can actually help to improve your standing. If you can at least provide a next donation for bad review or contact the previous client directly to get them to take down or adjust the review you can continue to see quality business results.
Part of running a successful online profile now means that escorts have a stake in reputation management as well. If you haven’t monitored your online reputation and you have been in the industry for some time it’s important to check it regularly and manage bad reviews as they come.

What can an escort earn in tips?

Any good industry insider escort from the Gold Coast knows that there is no reason to ever expect tips in their line of work. While tipping is always appreciated and generally provided by many regular clients, most escorts generally don’t know how much money they could potentially expect in tips.
“How much to tip your escort?” Is generally one of the most asked questions for first time clients. While there is no simple answer for the most part the flat fees that many escorts charge or escort agencies charge are the base fee for the services. These fees often just cover the cost of transportation, safety and the base hourly rate for many escorts. It’s not to say that escorts along the gold coast are underpaid but it is important to note that many do expect a tip or at least some cross-selling for extra services.
A tip does not cover the cost of extra services but rather expresses gratitude. Tips are more donations on a best fee but there are some escorts that will be more perceptive to a more personalised experience when they know a tip is coming.
A short answer to the tipping question with escorts is that in many cases the standard rate for a gratuity is around 40%. This is on top of the negotiation of extras and more. With a 40% gratuity this means that you usually get access to some amazing karma, the ability to become a regular with a particular escort as well as great references for a particular escort agency or for friends of that escort. This kind of tipping isn’t always necessary but if a client has a great experience this is a great way to enjoy it again someday!
While tips are never a requirement they do go a long way. In the gold coast escort industry a few tips in a shift can make a big impact when it comes to the livelihood and future career aspirations of gifted escorts across the industry.

Top tips for creating an escort blog

It can sometimes be extremely difficult to keep up with all of your clients. One of the most in demand services from many NSW escorts is to keep a professional blog page where you share stories and new news with the internet. A professional blog pages an excellent way to share stories about your life, new pictures and even find a new way that you can connect with new clients and appease your regulars. Starting up a blog isn’t too difficult but making a high converting blog as a Brisbane or NSW escort is a little more difficult than you may think. Here are some top tips on creating a successful blog as an escort:

• Find your voice: establishing your own writer’s voice is very important. You need to stay honest and come up with a way that you can write from your own perspective. People understand if you aren’t the best writer but if you have an original voice and you are willing to write honestly about yourself you can really engage an audience.
• Keep it updated: regular posts are essential to attracting quality blog traffic. You need to post at least once a week and if you are going to commit to creating your own website or a blog you need to keep it updated. A maximum of one week between posts should be a rule that’s enacted by any good blogger.
• Try to keep the content unique: While your life may not change all that much it’s important to cover different aspects of your life and to try and write unique posts when necessary. People won’t return if they keep seeing the same content so it’s important to consistently think of new ideas or maybe even keep a notepad so that you can keep track of new blog titles as they come to you.
• Include new audio visual content: there is a really good chance that one of the main reasons that people consistently return to your blog is more so for audio visual features added. Make sure to consistently change the look and to always update your blog with new images as you have time to take them.
As always once your blog is up and running be sure to share it with everyone who you can’t to increase readership and take it to the next level!