How do you handle competition in the escort industry

If you are a Sydney escort you have got to expect regular competition in your industry. With so many different escorts in this area it can sometimes be very difficult when one of your regular clients starts to see someone else.
When you have been seeing someone for months or even weeks, it can begin to feel like a very intimate relationship. The problem with this is that competition and a client going to another escort can feel more like a betrayal than a business decision. It is important to work at cutting some emotion out of your regular client relationships while still maintaining an emotional presence during your time together.
With competition in a competitive market it is important to remember that in escorting even a regular client needs to be entertained and cared for to maintain the relationship. To make sure a client keeps coming to you, as an escort you have to work at improving your service each time.
Keeping your clients and your personal life is also a crucial element of the business. When your feelings for a client start to seep into your personal life, it can make the job much less manageable. Remember that a client has no responsibility to you or to keep seeing you, this is actually why many people prefer the relationships of escorts, because they are ended on easy terms.
Handling competition amongst other escorts doesn’t have to be a problem business wise either. Clients will come and go and clients may even come back to you. Blaming another escort or trying to take some of their clients is not a good option as it only hurts the industry and can ruin working relationships and contacts. Ultimately, keeping your business and your affairs separate from other escorts and from your clients is essential. Competition is a big part of the industry and if clients leave, there is no need for hard feelings. Support one another as escorts and build new contacts for the future of your business!

The expectations vs reality of the escort industry

If you are considering being an escort in Perth due to all of the fun posts you may see online, it is important that you realise just how much work it is. With thousands of listings across Australia, getting regular business can be tough. Here are some of the expectations of the escort industry vs the reality:
Expectation: You will have to have sex with every client:
Some clients just want companionship or they are interested in a massage. There are many ways an escort can be asked to help a client and it is important to consider that every client’s needs will be different.
Expectation: Business is easy to find:
Many escorts across Perth have to spend a long time listing their profiles on directories and building online advertisements that they can use to attract clients. Every bit of web advertising can help but marketing your services is an essential part of the industry.
Expectation: People just want model “High Class” Escorts:
Anyone with any body type or look can be an escort. There are clients that will definitely be interested in spending some time with you. There is no specific look to be an escort and you would be surprised at the kind of work you can get with a good profile, good reviews or good representation.
Expectation: It is a short term career:
Reality: Most escorts stay in the industry or 2-3 years on average. This is by no means the few months that many people would think of.
Expectation: The hours are very short
Reality: Many escorts work 10 hour days, though maybe only 3-4 days a week. Whether it means building online marketing tools, connecting with clients or spending time on dates, a successful Perth escort must be dedicated to full time work.
Keep some of these ideas in mind if you are considering starting out in the Perth escort industry.

How to handle fetishes

If you work as a Melbourne escort for long enough there is a chance that you will see your fair share of fetishes. When it comes to having fun and staying safe with fetish play as an escort it is very important to remember a few rules.
Communication: Before you agree to anything communication between the client and the escort is essential. A client may ask for something that is not on your service list or that you have not mentioned previously, it is important to make sure that you understand what you are getting into and that you talk it out before anything happens.
Be understanding: You may be surprised at what some turn on’s for clients may be. So it is important to remain understanding and try not to laugh or elicit a negative response when you are talking about fetish play. Seeming disinterested, mocking or other Reponses can lead to negative reviews or a client not wanting your services at all.
Stay comfortable and safe: If something sounds too risky or that it may potentially hurt you and cause lost time, don’t do it. Remember that your work is your livelihood and no matter how much money a client is willing to pay, it is not worth injury or other risks for fetish play.
Work through the research: Consider researching some of your regular client’s fetishes and work at improving how you handle these clients. Researching several types of fetishes can also help with understanding some of the main things you may be asked to do as an escort. Working with these clients so that they can find better enjoyment from a fetish appointment will only lead to repeat business!
Consider some of these tips when working in Melbourne with fetishes.

Treating all senses as an escort

If you are an escort in Hobart there are some ways that you can improve your overall appeal as an escort in the industry. Here are some of the top ways that you can improve the desire of your clients by appealing to each one of the senses:
Scent: Smelling great is essential for any Hobart escort and if you are someone that smells great regularly, it is possible to often get a greater number of clients. Packing perfume or a body mist along with your things can be a great call. A few different types of perfume that your clients may like could also work at improving their experience. By communicating with your clients to see the types of scents that they enjoy, you can work at finding the best scents to satisfy them with your services.
Sight: Always try to look your best, dress up and consider even changing outfits for each one of the clients you see.
Sound: Having fun with some dirty talk or putting on some music in the room can be a nice way to lighten the mood. Don’t be afraid to practise or to do a bit of research to see how you can improve the mood or get better with your language.
Touch: Learning massage or picking up some tips online could help you with satisfying your clients. Learning as an escort can put you more in demand. If you are able to offer a professional massage as part of your services this could have you very high in demand.
Taste: Livening things up with some chocolate on the bedside or some whipped cream could be a fun experience for the future. There are even some types of body powder which are sweet, scented and edible. Introducing some of these fun elements can really impress your clients as a Hobart escort.

Should I work with disabled clients

There are a number of escorts throughout Brisbane that have taken on disabled clients in the past. It can always be a bit of a tricky situation if you have never worked with a disabled client before and you are starting the process. Whether a client is bound to a wheelchair or they have social anxiety, it is important to know what to expect. Here are some top tips to consider:
Requests may be simple: For some disabled clients they may not be able to achieve any type of intimacy or satisfaction because they are unable to use their arms for example. In many of these cases it could be possible to establish a long-standing working relationship where they can get regular intimacy.
Do the research: it’s important to look into each one of the people that you may be working with and their disabilities before you start to work with them. Doing a little research into the condition will help to prepare you for the symptoms and what to watch for. You can find a wealth of information about pleasure and disabilities online.
Stay safe for their needs: certain conditions may make bones brittle and may make things more difficult for your clients. Should these situations arise try to develop a plan on how they can get the services they want without endangering their health.
Be patient: in some cases disabled clients will need to relearn how to have sex or orgasms after a serious trauma. Being patient is essential and a disabled client is bound to appreciate your understanding.
Intimacy and communication: Sometimes it can be tough to handle intimate situations if your client has got a past history of issues with making social connections. With the right help in communication it is possible to break through and understand their needs.
Keep these ideas in mind if you are planning on working with disabled clients in Brisbane.

What about female clients

One of the most common questions that many escorts face is whether or not it’s important to take on female clients from time to time or couples. Couples play and female fun are something that’s at the discretion of any escort. But here are some top considerations about taking on female clients.
They are fairly rare: many escorts have had female clients in the past but they don’t happen too often. The majority of the time female clients look for companionship, massage and some of the more romantic services that are offered as part of escorting. Couple services are a little more rare.
If you are uncomfortable it’s not worth it: If you are uncomfortable with the idea but the fee seems great, it may be best to avoid having fun with a lady. If this is an avenue that you would rather not explore and you don’t like the idea of being with a couple, try not to go outside of your comfort zone and set hard boundaries.
Have an exit: sometimes it can be tough to work with couples. While some couples are extremely supportive to working with an escort, in many cases it can lead to some jealousy and drama. With couples especially it’s important to have an exit and remember that dealing with two clients can be even more dangerous than dealing with one. Understanding that you need an exit and safety measures is very important when working with couples.
Stay safe: Just because you are with a female client it isn’t an excuse to do away with protection. Be sure to wash any toys and to be safe through the process of serving a female client as well.
Prepare for contingencies: Many women hire on an escort for experimenting. You may want to develop a contingency plan if they happen to back out or it doesn’t work out. There’s no reason to get offended either so try not to experience a break in confidence.
Keep some of these tips in mind as an Adelaide expert and you are thinking of taking on female clients.

Top tips for beginner escorts:

It has been a while since we posted a top tips article so we felt like it might be time to update and share some new tips that we may not mention before. Here are some of the best pieces of advice that you can use to guide your path as a beginner escort:

Always receive payment first: receiving payment first is essential to making sure that the transaction goes smoothly. Always make sure that payment can be completed first ads it can be a big problem with missed payments.
Think of your service as a product: Treating your profession like any type of other business is essential to maintaining your brand and creating a service that will be very much in demand. Customer service is key in this business and if you don’t treat it like a business, your wages can suffer.
Don’t go outside your comfort zone: It is one thing to please customers but on occasion it can be a real problem if you go outside your comfort zone. There are some customers that will be much more demanding than others and if you go out of your way to please everybody you could put yourself in danger.
Work with an organisation at first: There are many organisations and brothels throughout Australia where you can work and learn the basics. Learning in the early stages is absolutely crucial. The basics of the industry can be very difficult to tackle on your own and with an established brothel if possible learn from other people and those who are in charge.
Always use protection: Using protection is essential to having a long career. Condoms are like any type of safety gear that you might have to wear in any other job and they are essential to almost everything you do is an escort.
Keep these top tips in mind as a Brisbane escort.