Can you use snapchat to make money?

Snapchat is one of the most popular new social networking crazes. While there are many people that use snap chat almost every day it has also become a very big aspect of the adult industry. While models and individuals across the world use snapshot every day to send suggestive pictures there are even some adult entertainment professionals that are using snapchat and their cell phones to make a bit of money on the side. Here is a great way that you can use snapchat as a Perth escort to expand your profits.
• Connecting with regulars: By creating a snapchat account you can send your regular customers messages at any time as well as post story snaps that they can view. Adding this connection and showcasing what you are up to in your spare time can help to increase your sales by reminding your regulars just how much they enjoy your company. Snapchat works well as a marketing tool.
• Subscription-based service: There are many models online that now use their snapchat accounts like a subscription-based service. By paying a small fee every month digitally subscribers can get access to story updates and personal messages from the model. Escorts can do the exact same thing with the full ability to block unpaid subscribers, produce their own content and more.
• Snapcash: although snapcash is still a relatively new payment processing option that’s not available in Perth as this platform expands snapcash could soon become a new payment processing option for the Perth escort industry. In the US currently, if a user connects snapchat to square they can send instant payments to anyone on their snapchat contacts list just by typing in the dollar amount and clicking send. As this service expands to more international customers snapcash could become one of the biggest new tools in the adult industry.
If you aren’t currently using snapchat for your Perth Escort business, you should give it a try today!