How can I price my services as a Canberra escort:

If you are an independent escort you may be interested to know roughly how you should price your services or what you should be asking as a rate for the various services that you can offer. While a typical brothel or escort agency will often set prices for you, it’s important to consider some of the top factors that are used to set some of the services a Canberra escort typically offers. Here are some of the factors associated with selecting the pricing on escort services:
• Sex appeal: The appeal that you have sexually often equates to a higher rate for companionship services. Often when it comes to a pornstar or ex model for example, they can justify asking for a slightly higher hourly rate because they have many product shots, experience dressing up a large catalogue of clothing ready for appointments.
• Experience: Experienced Canberra escorts can often charge more for their services because their services are in demand. As they have a larger list of regular clients a Canberra escort can begin to charge more for entry level clients because they will be taking up extra time. As a result a Canberra escort could potentially double their rates after a few years of service in the industry.
• Incall vs outcall: Outcall rates are generally increased because an escort will have to cover the costs of transportation as well as the inherent risks of performing services outside of a save zone. Adding a premium of around 25-30% more on outcalls is not unheard of in the Canberra escort industry.
• Risks: Certain services in the escort industry come with risks. The riskier the service, often times the more money an escort will ask. While a companionship date carries vary little in the way of risk an escort may charge a base hourly rate for this type of service. A BBBJ service on the other hand may require a specific base fee to undertake with the risks associated with that service.
Keep some of these top factors in mind when you are thinking of pricing for your individual escort services. As always, do some research on how you can remain competitive in the Canberra escort industry against your competitors and price your services accordingly.