How to avoid time wasting clients in Brisbane:

One of the biggest problems that many escorts face is talking to clients that they know they will be unable to get any type of business out of. Time wasters are simply a part of the industry and they certainly can waste a lot of and escorts time. Whether you are an independent escort or an agency escort in Brisbane finding ways to spot these time wasters and minimise the amount of time that you are speaking with them is important. Here are some top ways to identify time wasters and how to deal with them.
The question client: on occasion you might end up getting a string of questions over the phone or over e-mail. While many of these people will ask endless questions you may be surprised that these clients can sometimes be some of your best. Do what you can to answer questions in a timely manner and keep an eye out for clients that will simply ask you questions that may not pertain to your service. There are some people that might simply ask questions to try and troll you online or through phone communication. When the questions start to be off-topic or extra offensive you should consider severing ties to this person.
The big talker: There are some cases where you will run into individuals who will offer you huge promises such as taking you on a trip with them, bringing you along for extensive overnight dates and more. In many cases they will talk this big game and then ask for extra services or even free services. These clients are lying through their teeth and they are definitely time wasters. Never give your services away for free.
The negotiator: on occasion you will run into clients who will try and negotiate different services or try to ask for package services together. If you have stated that your rates are nonnegotiable, remember to stick to your guns. The only people who you should consider negotiating with are your regulars.
Keep some of these top ideas in mind and remember that by recognising time wasters early you can get the most out of your working hours.