How to make each client feel special in Darwin:

If you are an escort in Darwin and you are interested in making your clients feel more special, there are some tasks that you can take on to improve the quality of your service. Customer service is an essential part of any industry and the escort industry especially. Here are some top tips on how to make every client feel more special:
Remember the time they have with you is theirs: when a client is with you it’s extremely important that you do mean very present to their needs. In many cases clients are paying for your time and for you to be with them during that time. This means putting down your phone, turning off the TV and eliminating distractions so that you can be present and attentive to your clients. Don’t try to handle business during a date, remember that you need to be there for each client.
Pick up a talent for them: If a client has an affinity for singing, is interested in yoga or has any other specific hobby you could consider trying out some of these experiences with them or even practicing them to surprise your client. Surprising your regular clients with a fun new experience can really show them just how much they mean to your business. Having the ability to learn and be relatively flexible with your regular clients will help you to make more money.
Connect with them: Sending a text or an e-mail from time to time even if it’s fairly vague can show your client that they are in your thoughts. Sometimes this type of connection or regular messaging/ camaraderie is all that you need to turn an occasional client into a regular client.
Show them when you’re enjoying yourself: Share a laugh, a smile and be sure to complement them often. If you are having fun out with a client that isn’t a bad thing and that’s exactly what makes being an escort in Darwin such a fun profession.