Some of the most searched adult keywords for 2016:

If you are an escort in Sydney interested in finding some of the biggest fantasies that your clients may have it could be a good idea to turn to some of the most searched keywords in porn this year. We did a quick examination of some of the most searched adult keywords of 2016. By examining some of these keywords and introducing some ideas on how you can change your look, you might be able to attract the more clients. Here are the most searched adult keywords for 2016:
Massage: The idea of getting a massage is something that’s very much in demand for many clients across Sydney. Introducing adult massage as part of your services could help you to capture a whole new audience are potentially expand your client list for individuals who are interested in looking for massage.
Incest: Incest style fantasies remain a very big search in porn. If you currently offer role-play fantasies as part of your escort service, you could be attracting a select number of clients that really enjoy this type of family fantasy. Adding this type of fantasy into your experience could help you to find some new clients.
MILF: more mature ladies are still extremely in demand and even if you look as though you could be a mother or you are a mother, you could still consider being an escort in Sydney. There are many individuals that are on the lookout for not just younger escorts but more mature escorts as well.
Teen: Teen still remains one of the most heavily searched terms in Australia in the adult industry. Picking up some outfits or making an effort to dress a little younger could potentially give you access to the market who is interested in this fantasy.
Keep some of these most searched adult keywords in mind when you are working at creating your escort brand!