The best lubes for use day in and day out

Choosing the right lubricant can make your job a lot easier. If you plan on working in the Brisbane escort industry regularly lubricant can make your job much easier as well as illuminate some of the pressure to perform. While many escorts find it easy to work without lubricant finding the right daily lubricant for work can prevent injury, reduce irritation and improve overall customer experience. Here are some top tips on choosing the right lubricant as a Brisbane escort.
• Oil-based lubricants should be avoided: While oil based lubricants are excellent for massages they can become extremely dangerous when exposed to latex. Oil based lubricants often damage condoms which is a huge safety concern for escorts. Low quality oil-based lubricants can also degrade even as they are sitting on shelves which can damage sperm and hinder embryo development.
• Water-based lubricants are a cost effective solution: Water based lubricants are about the closest to a natural feeling lubricant and they are preferable for individuals that have sensitive skin. Although they don’t last as long as some other types of lubricants they can offer a bit of assistance and they don’t come with any specific taste or smell so they are safe for oral services as well as other types of services.
• Silicone-based: the lubricants are perhaps the best option for long-term use. They last far longer than the water based lubricants and they are usually extremely safe to use with condoms. The premium version of the silicone-based lubricants stay slick and usable far longer than any other type of lubricant on the market. Although silicone based lubricants can have an adverse reaction for people that have sensitive skin, for some this type of lubricant can actually work almost like a moisturizer for some.
Use these tips to select the right lubricant for your work as a Brisbane escort.