Tips for delivering the ultimate erotic massage:

If you are an escort in Adelaide and you are planning on offering erotic massages, you should strongly consider following some top tips to improve user experiences. Improving your quality of service can ensure more repeat business as well as the ability to earn more money. Here are some top tips for delivering erotic massages as an escort in Adelaide:
-Work on atmosphere: Whether you are providing in call or outcall services you need to work on the atmosphere. Bringing along a massage table, some candles or a stereo to play relaxing music can help to eliminate tension and create a relaxing atmosphere for the client.
– Offer aphrodisiacs: A nice touch you could potentially add before a massage could be the option for some chocolate covered strawberries. These are a natural libido enhancer that can make a sensual massage even better.
– Use massage oils: Aromatherapy oils can add to the relaxation and improve the quality of service.
-Get comfy towels: There is nothing worse than a scratchy towel or surface during a massage. Softer towels lead to a more memorable experience.
-Vary your touch levels: It can be very tempting to use your massage training to use a heavier touch during a massage. Instead, consider varying the levels of touch that you offer to tease at the skin a little bit. Offering different levels of touch will have the clients skin yearning for your fingertips.
-Remove jewellery: If you regularly wear jewellery you should consider removing it before an appointment as it can sometimes get in the way and scratch against the skin surface.
-Watch reactions: Getting a sense of what feels good and what doesn’t is important check the reactions to pressure and check the rhythm of breathing to make sure you are doing a good job.
-Don’t keep your eye on the clock: Clients want you to be in the moment and in the fantasy with them. Constantly checking the clock can take them out of the fantasy of an erotic massage.
Use these top tips as an Adelaide escort to deliver a more effective erotic massage.