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I invite you to indulge your imagination amongst my pages, and learn w
I like to communicate when being intimate.
Though I am not domineering, I am quite comfortable and natural at taking control and guiding. What I hope for is that my partner can extend the same confidence to communicate with me what they like and what else I can do to enhance their pleasure. This makes for the best sex, and not to mention a little dirty talk enhances the experience too.

It is only with deprivation that one can truly appreciate satisfaction.
This is why teasing is one of my favourite things to do and receive.

I love to watch and feel responses to my touches, kisses, nibbles and of course, when I take you into my mouth for the first time, when I take you inside me for the first time.

Sex is a holistic experience. From the beginnning, smelling each other's scents, feeling each others energies and the touch and tastes of another's skin, beautifully engages all the senses.

I am a sporadic drinker and I prefer to reserve that for dinner dates. You are most welcome to bring a drink of your choice, although I do have an array of non alcoholic beverages available.

I do not smoke and there are no drugs involved in my life. I certainly dont care to ever invite them in, especially in the bedroom. I allow nothing to mask my senses when playing. I am present and whole.
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