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"Sexual pleasure is more than getting off; it is embracing the journey

Each session is unique and specific to you and your needs.

Individual - explore your pleasure. If orgasms elude you or perhaps you would like to learn the pleasure points to your body. This session will help you take you into being the Master in masturbation. The self pleasuring to multi-orgasm type.

Dom/Sub Pleasure Play - Take Dom/Sub play to the next level. Become the Sub/Slave as Mistress Pleasure dominates you to your limits of pleasure. The fine line of pleasure and pain are tested as the increased sensors are expanded. Become the slave to pleasure for the session or even between the sessions. Let the slave within you trust the control of Mistress Pleasure as she makes you feel her command and the release of control overcome you like never before.

Couples - whether you would like some more fun, some more kink or perhaps like the idea of a threesome but want the safety of you and your partner; this session is great to reconnect or connect in a much deeper way through direct instruction and guidance from Mistress Pleasure.

Group - whether you are looking for fun with your friends, have a special occasion from a birthday to hen's night, whatever the reason you want to explore your pleasure with those you love, this session is great to explore toys, techniques and methods. From better blow jobs to more intense self pleasuring the safety of your group can help you explore that much more.

Female Fonderling - exploring the beautiful body is always a must do. There are so many zones to help you climax and take you to a deeper and more intense orgasm. Forget the basic vibrator to get you off. Let Mistress Pleasure instruct you on what you have been missing out on.

Plesaure Ties - Using ties is more than for bondage; it is for pleasur as well. From being tied up with a partner to tying up parts of your body it is a wonderful way to explore the different sensations that can be created. It is a highly recommended way into an amazing pleasure zone.

Sensual Exploration - Hard core sex has its place but what about the layered sensations of sensuality? This method is actually more intense and a lot more gratifying. It can take an hour or less; or even more. When sensual exploration is your pleasure path you open your senses to a world that is extraordinary and the climax makes hard and fast seem not as inviting. Best of all followed with hard and fast again intensifies. Can be done on your own or with a partner.

Pleasure Your Parts - is highly recommended for men. The penis is often neglected with pleasure. It's senses are just as unique as a vagina and in this session you find out exactly how much. From tying cock and balls to unique techniques where you will be begging for more.

The Sound of Pleasure - Musical Exploration - this session is all about the senses. It is less about the penis or vagina and focused on the areas that affect you with an increasing intensity like no other. It has been described as mind blowing and better than Tantra. It makes edging seem like child's play when this is available. For men and women, or for couples. This is the revolution in pleasure and will ignite any bedroom.

Want it All Pleasure Play - whether gay, straight, bi or lesbian, let Mistress Pleasure show you what wanting it all entails with her Pleasure Play. Be the slave, be the submissive, release your control and feel completely free as Mistress Pleasure takes you over and takes you into her zone of Pleasure.


All sessions and their prices are based on 80 minutes. Longer can be booked upon request.
Should you be curious but not sure if this is for you then Mistress Pleasure recommends the Phone Pleasure Line or booking in for a 30 minute session. Simply contact Mistress Pleasure on her email and you will receive a response within 24hours.
All the sessions are by instruction, guidance and direction only. Mistress Pleasure does not involve herself in the session and after you experience one of her sessions you will realise why she adheres to this.
The sessions are completely confidential, discreet and judgment is completely removed. Mistress Pleasure is all about pleasure; intense and gratifying pleasure; whatever that may be for you.
Mistress Pleasure is completely reputable, professional, ethical and only works with integrity. It is assumed that trust and respect for these sessions are provided to all parties. You must be over the age of 18 and all sessions must be completely consensual with all that are attending. Any details supplied are confidential and not supplied to any other party, third party or otherwise.


You are responsible to supply any toys and equipment you would like to use in your session.
Mistress Pleasure does have a range of some equipment and toys available. This can be purchased upon request for your session. Contact Mistress Pleasure if you would like her to supply your equipment and toy
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