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weRescorts is a premium escort directory in Penrith and we are dedicated to providing a different experience for clients in need of escort services. Having been in the industry since the legalisation of escort services in Australia, we are well versed with the demands of different clients and we strive to do our best in ensuring that all the clients find what they are looking for from the Penrith female escorts.

Compared to other escorts in the region, our services rate much higher because we have made it our commitment to meet the specific needs of our clients. We give you the chance to make your own choices and not like the Penrith brothels where you will have to do with the escorts you find there when you walk in. Read on and find out more why weRescorts is the most preferred escort directory in Penrith New South Wales. 

If you are interested in finding something different like a like light domination or a BDSM, we are glad to let you know that you have found the right Penrith escort directory and with the beautiful ladies at the directory, you can be assured that you will fulfils all your fantasies and desires. At, we have lots of escorts offering a wide variety of services and all these are available at different price options. 

So flexible are the services and the rates that they will accommodate the needs of each and every escort client. For instance, if you are rushing through the day and you feel like getting a short quickie to keep you going, you can always take advantage of the 20 and 30 minutes appointments. But if you have the whole day or even the whole night to spend, then you can always opt for the longer appointments. You must however have in mind that not all the escorts will have such flexibilities, but you will find a good number of them willing to give you the convenience you desire. 

How to book busty escorts from weRescorts directory

Booking escorts from our directory is simple and straight forward. We have designed the directory in such a manner that it is intuitive and user friendly to all. This makes it easy for you to browse through the escorts, see their profiles to know the kinds of services they offer, their rates, availability as well as real photos. But before you begin the actual booking process, it is imperative you understand exactly what you want to achieve from the escorts. 

This will determine amongst other things the duration of the session and the amount you are likely to pay for the services. After you realise your exact needs, all you have to do is go to the directory, browse through all the female escorts offering the services you need and look at their profiles then make the appropriate choice depending on your specific preferences. From then on, you can make contact with them and proceed on having an appointment. 

What you can do with the Penrith female escorts

People need beautiful escorts for different reasons. Though the reasons may vary for one individual to another, the following are some of the most commonly booked escort services in Penrith-:

  • Normal girlfriend experience – it is a fact that dating in the current world has become more of a challenge since not many people want the extra burden and commitment that comes with traditional dating. But this is not a condemnation that you cannot or not allowed to experience what it means to have a normal girlfriend. All you have to do is head over to and book a beautiful babe to your “girlfriend” just for a while. You will get all the joys and the pleasures without the commitment to a long term relationship.
  • Casual companion – maybe you are attending a social event for couples or a corporate dinner and you don’t want to be the only person who will walk into the lobby alone. You can use the services offered by Penrith escorts to get a casual companion for the event. Additionally, the escorts are readily available if you need someone to show you around the city and probable explore the nightlife if you are bored and tired of spending Friday nights in your hotel room.
  • Erotic massage – how about the feeble and gentle hands of a pretty young lady working your skin after a long day at work? For perfect relaxation or even erotic massage with happy endings, you can always count on the Penrith escorts for the best relaxation packages.
  • Romantic adventure – If you have sexual fantasies that you have always longed to experience but never had the opportunity, just know that everything is possible with the Penrith female escorts. These ladies are sexually talented and they can please you in every way when it comes to the business between the sheets. Whether you want to try a threesome or sex positions you have never tried before, the hot, sexy and busty ladies you find at are exactly the right people you need.

Professional and discreet services

We care about you just as much as we care about the escorts we list in the directory. We treat each client with respect and dignity and we make sure that you are fully satisfied with the services you get from the Penrith escorts in this directory. To begin with, we have a strict admission process and we don’t just list any escort in our directory.

Thorough background checks are done to ascertain that the ladies have what it takes to meet the varied needs of our clients. All ladies in the directory are guaranteed not to have any criminal backgrounds and also they don’t have any diseases or sexually transmitted infections at the time of listing in the directory. However, you must take all the necessary measures to practice safe sex and avoid all things that might endanger your life or health.

We are also very cautious with your privacy and you can trust that all the information you submit via the directory will remain confidential and will never be shared with any other party as per our privacy policy statement.
Feel free to check for more information or to book a young, sweet and sexy escort for pure bliss and pleasure in Penrith, New South Wales.

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